Company Laski s.r.o. was established in 1992 as a trade organization dealing with the sale of spare parts for agricultural machinery. It was established in a small area of a former agricultural settlement in Smržice. Soon, however, the company grew and renovated the former office and workshop space.
The year 1993 was very important for Laski. This year, Laski obtained an official representation from the American company KOHLER for the sale of KOHLER internal combustion engines in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.

Laski has continued to develop its products, of which there are currently more than 20 types. The main machines include a stump cutter, now produced in 5 basic types, sweeping brushes, leaf vacuum cleaners, vibrating plates, spreaders, lawn mowers, etc. These machines are exported to more than 22 countries in Europe, Russia, India and Australia.

Laski has undergone major changes in the last 10 years. It started as a small company with 5 employees in one office and a small workshop. During these years, she has built and continues to build new workshops and offices. It currently employs 25 people. In 2000, the Laski company purchased a large building of the former Agrostroj company, where the II. During World War II, they produced trucks and cars, especially successful racing cars. She used this object for commercial purposes.

Laski has become one of the most important companies in the Moravian region. It exports 90% of its production abroad, which only a few companies in the Czech Republic thrive on.

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